Karpos - Center of Education and Intercultural Communication develops local and European projects encouraging expression and the exchange of views and creative ideas through the use of media. We strongly believe that, in a society where images surround us, these tools can empower both young and adult citizens to participate in social transactions and bring forward their own alternative voices. We specialise in how media, image and sound can develop narratives and how they can be introduced in educational environments.


22 December 2014
Cooperation between Turkish and Greek schools.   read more ...

Common European Film Literacy Framework
26 November 2014
Together with another 10 european film organisations Karpos participates in a CE funded Working Group which will create a common set of approaches for the appreciation of film as an art form, critical understanding as well as film-making skills.   read more ...

Videomuseums 2014
07 May 2014
This year we have 110 participations in Videomuseums 2014 Contest, from schools all around Greece!  

Open discussion
02 April 2014
Open discussion “The art of creating sounds and visuals inside and outside a school classroom” with Mark Reid, from the British Film Institute.   read more ...

MEDEAnet webinar
10 March 2014
You can watch online the webinar we delivered in collaboration with Educational TV entitled "A step before editing: how to help a student group work collectively".   read more ...

"Media literacy in Europe" Publication
27 November 2013
Our Videomuseums project was chosen as one of the 12 most interesting European media projects by the "Media Literacy in Europe" research (Evens Foundation-JFF). The publication is finished, both digital as in print. The document is uploaded on ISUU, via the following link: http://issuu.com/joadriaens/docs/medialiteracymagazine

Karpos in Paros island
18 November 2013
We've just come back from the island of Paros where the first stage of the teacher training program of WWF Greece "Wetlands: a story about my island" took place.